I never asked you to
whisper to my ears
the words I’ve been
longing to hear from you

All I want is for you
to bite my ear until it
bleeds the words out
to suffice all that was
lost in translation

I knew it right away
that a love like this—
two people with mouths
of different languages,
wouldn’t be that easy

That somewhere along
the way, one will get tired
of biting and the other will
faint of bleeding


(via poetryriot)

Vocation on 10/20/14

I’m so sick of these
Hundreds of love poems that
Stack walls in my brain.

They are completely
Irrelevant because all
Paper’s too quiet.

It’s so exhausting
Broadcasting yourself even
While “anonymous.”

I think this is why
I gave up art for logic;
I want formulas.

Even my foresight
Needs strong prescription glasses;
Prediction is hard.

Marveling at the life I
Could be pursuing,

Were it not, of course,
For the God who saves my soul,
Over and over.

I trust Him because
His unfailing quest for my
Heart amazes me.

He is the only
One not given over to
Apathetic shrugs.

So daily I will,
“I want You instead, my King,”

For almost 2 months
My love has been thrown into
The uncaring air.

But despite my aim,
He has caught every last piece
Of my heart displaced.

Not giving up on
People is hard when you know
Jesus is better.